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Vilter distributor since 1973


Screw (Gas Compression)
Rebuild includes:
Total disassemble
Hot tank cleaning overnight.
All bolt holes cleaned & tapped.
Compressor reassembled with the following: 
New bearings.
New Gates.
New shim packs.
New o-rings.
New shaft seal.
Test run for 1 Hour
Palleted and shiped.
After your compressor is disassembled, we will determine if the machine is rebuildable.
If the compressor is able to be rebuilt, we will provide a price quote at that time.
If the compressor is unable to be rebuilt, we will return it to you disassembled or send it to scrap.

If you wish to have it sent back, you will be responsible for shipping (FOB).
Gas compressors are Not warrantied due to the unknowns of the gases being compressed and the deposits that may or may not be in the gases.
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